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​Areas We Address​​

​Speech Production


Oral Motor Skills

Working Memory

Listening Skills

Executive Functioning
Emotional Regulation


Phonemic Awareness

Reading Comprehension

Organization of Thoughts on Paper

Organization of Thoughts in Speech

Non-Verbal Language

Social skills
...and more!

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Services For

Early Intervention




Social-Communication Disorder

Pragmatic Language

Expressive Language Delays

Receptive Language Delays

Apraxia of Speech

Auditory Processing Disorder

​Autism Spectrum Disorder
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity
....and other developmental delays & learning difficulties


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When a child is growing up, their speech and language gives them access to the world and people around them. They learn to communicate with other people, and shape their own thoughts with words. Some children struggle with this. This can be because their speech isn’t clear, or because their language development needs a helping hand. The earlier this is addressed the better for the child. 

Our speech-language therapy is play-based and intervention is always individualized to meet the child's needs. We understand that communication is learned best through functional social interactions. These areas are addressed through developmental, engaging play-based activities that encourage communication and relationships with others for children as young as one year old and up through the teenage years.

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Successful communication, verbal or non-verbal, is critical to social, emotional and academic development. Our highly skilled clinicians are dedicated to helping your child become an effective and confident communicator!

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