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Our speech-language therapy room has been designed to be cozy with a soft rug for floor play,  calming with optional dim lighting, and ergonomic with parent chairs for parent participation. Our fine motor and visual processing room has been designed for the creative needs of your child. We have tables and chairs that adjust to your child's body; a variety of open-ended crafting tools to facilitate creativity and fine motor development; and an extensive collection of games and projects that challenge visual skills and cognitive processing.

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Our therapeutic space are designed by our occupational therapists who have specialty certification in Ayres Sensory IntegrationĀ®. Sensory integration is a term that refers to the way the nervous system receives messages from the senses and turns them into appropriate motor and behavioral responses. All equipment has been chosen with your child's sensory system needs in mind, with consideration of the environment being as fun and engaging as possible! Our clinic design allows your child to interact with the environment in calming, alerting and organizing ways for motor, social-emotional and cognitive skill remediation. .  

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We have designed our waiting area with families and friends in mind. We have a variety of reading material available for adults; and a variety of books, games and toys for the little ones while they wait!

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