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Our online Parent Coaching and Behavior Support (PCBS) program utilizes evidence-based strategies to ensure effective treatment plans. Our PCBS team works closely with our occupational therapists to ensure goals are family-focused, and individualized to your child using a holistic approach. We understand that parenting can be difficult and power struggles between parent-child can place a strain on the whole family. The aim of the PCBS program is to assist parents in creating meaningful and lasting change with their child through positive parenting; and to create a positive academic environment for children struggling in school.

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Ongoing Support

Parent, Caregiver & Teacher Training

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To start services, contact our office to schedule a consultation with our Clinical Director. After consultation, you will be introduced to our PCBS specialist via e-mail and all other services for our PCBS program will be rendered via telehealth. Telehealth services means that you will communicate, meet and coordinate with your coach through a free downloadable video service available through your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. 

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How we Can help

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​​Parent coaching  and behavior support is about creating an action plan that moves you forward from where you are to where you want to be from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Our PCBS specialist will provide ongoing support as needed for your family. This includes regular meetings with you, the school and collaboration with other professionals as needed. Check-ins, observations and collaboration is provided to ensure success of the recommended positive support plan for improvement of your child’s quality of life. Ongoing support also enables our PCBS specialist to revise and adapt any recommended strategies as required. 

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Our PCBS specialist will administer an assessment is to identify the cause behind the problem behavior concerns in order to identify best treatment. Assessments include indirect measures such as interviews, questionnaires, verbal and written feedback, and direct measures such as live observation with data collection, and reviewing videos of problem behavior.  Problem behaviors can include difficulty following through with self-care routines inclusive of morning and evening routines, basic road safety, self-injurious tendencies, and difficulty following rules. 

Functional Behavior Assessments

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​Positive Support Planning

Our PCBS specialist creates individualized, comprehensive plans containing positive behavior support strategies to minimize triggers, teach replacement behaviors and provide alternate ways of responding to problem behaviors. All strategies focus on positive and feasible ways to improve behavior using an evidence-based approach.

Online Parent Coaching & Behavior Support 

After a positive support plan has been created, our PCBS specialist can provide training to help support execution of specific recommended strategies for parents, caregivers and teachers as needed.

Our online Parent Coaching and Behavior Support program uses the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis in order to assess and treat problem behavior and teach missing skill-sets. Problem behaviors may include tantrums, running away, aggression, refusal to follow instructions or any behavior that causes difficulties at home, school or in the community. Functional skill-sets may include participating in family routines, following school rules, or any skill that leads to improved independence or quality of life.